PEG MGF (PEGylated mechano growth factor) Hilma Biocare

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Cas number:: 86168-78-7
For whom:: Man
Molecular Formula:: C121H200N42O39
Type:: Bottle
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Manufacturer: Hilma Biocare
Package: 2 mg / vial
Info: Mechano growth factor (MGF) also known as IGF-1Ec is a growth factor/repair factor derived from exercised or damaged muscle tissue. It is called MGF because IGF-IEa is somewhat difficult to identify among other IGF variants.

In the past, humans had to depend on their bodies to produce IGF or MGF naturally, but not anymore. Now that scientists have been able to isolate and replicate these peptide chains, bodybuilders and athletes can recover faster and increase hypertrophy like never before.
Connections to MGF activate satellite cells that affect the growth of new muscle fibers in our bodies. In addition, MGF increases the body's rate of protein synthesis. In this case, human bodies start to increase the size of muscles and not only that, they also repair damaged muscles. The recovery factor is undoubtedly the most important effect of this harmone.

Natural MGF is produced locally and does not circulate in the bloodstream, synthetic MGF is water based and when administered directly into the muscle, it circulates in the bloodstream.

Cas number: 86168-78-7
For whom: Man
Molecular Formula: C121H200N42O39
Type: Bottle
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